"Folk rock that is set in a moment, in a day, in a short glimpse of the beauty that life has to offer to our mundane existence... This talented band from Israel know exactly how to grasp that melodious imagery and make it part of their soundscape"

- wolfinasuit.com -

In summer 2015, brothers Yonatan (singer-songwriter) and Michael Attias (cello) joined up with long time friend and drummer Tzvi Solomons to make music. They were joined soon afterwards by brother David Attias (lead guitar) and childhood friend Benny Firszt (bass). Lively and thoughtful debate, playing out of over a period of time, inspired them to name the band NURIEL.


NURIEL’s music rapidly caught the attention of the diverse music scene in their hometown of Jerusalem. They have performed and collaborated with numerous acts, and filled the stages of some of Israel's most prestigious venues, such as Zappa, The Yellow Submarine and Jacob's Ladder Festival.

NURIEL’s Indie-Rock sound, paired with the combination of cello, harmony and synth, evocative lyrics and the realities of current events in Israel, creates a distinctive contrast that attracts hundreds to their sold-out shows. 


After 4 years of intensive activity, over 70 shows across Israel, and singles that made their way to major exposure (4M streams on the AlexRainbird playlists), NURIEL released their 'Valley EP' on March 2019.

The band continues to write, record and light up stages and festivals across the country.