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With eight years of activity, NURIEL has woven a captivating musical tapestry at the heart of Jerusalem, emerging as a significant voice in Israel's indie music scene. A band of five, consisting of three brothers and two close friends, their music is a surprising blend of worlds - where Indie-Rock meets meditative soundscapes, and cello-led ballads meet synth-driven anthems - guiding listeners on a profound journey.


Their heartfelt message, led by a guiding principle that "all we see is light", has resonated with audiences from around the world. NURIEL's music connects deeply, touching on both personal and universal life experiences, and crafting meaningful moments for all who listen.


As NURIEL continues to forge their unique creative path, their music has taken them across the globe, inspiring and uplifting audiences worldwide. Through live concerts, meditation retreats and transformative workshops, their impact encourages personal transformation, while celebrating the miracles of everyday life.

Jonathan Hanig-02
Jonathan Hanig-03
"Folk rock that is set in a moment, in a day, in a short glimpse of the beauty that life has to offer to our mundane existence... This talented band from Israel know exactly how to grasp that melodious imagery and make it part of their soundscape"

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